Work Adjustment Training

Foster an Inclusive Workforce

Building confidence and skills to succeed in the workplace.

Work Adjustment Training (WAT) is a paid on-the-job training program that provides an opportunity to learn the universal skills needed in the workforce.

Program participants are assigned:

  • a training site within one of Heart of Texas Goodwill retail locations (located in McLennan, Bell and Brazos county),
  • a supervisor who provides daily mentoring and
  • a Success Coach to help build individualized program goals

Benefits of Work Adjustment Training

This training helps individuals build confidence and work skills such as reliability, teamwork, problem-solving, customer service, and effective communication while troubleshooting workplace logistics like transportation or accommodations.

Goodwill receives fees from referring agencies to pay training participants the federal minimum wage for each hour worked. On average, participants train/work a total of 125 hours, Monday through Friday and do not exceed 25 hours per week. Training schedules can be flexible and determined on an individual bases as requested by their referral source.

Program Eligibility

  • Must have a documented disability.
  • Is a minimum of 16 years of age. 
  • Must be able to transport self or coordinate transportation to and from training facilities.
  • Must be able to provide 2 forms of identification.
  • Must be able to work a maximum of 25 hours; between 8am-5:30 (Monday – Friday only).
  • Must attend orientation, pass a background check and drug test prior to attending training.
  • Must have a desire to be competitively employed.
  • Must be expected to achieve an employment outcome after completion of the program.
  • Does not present a danger to the health or safety of self or others.
  • Must not require the assistance of Goodwill staff to provide personal care (e.g., toileting, eating, etc.). In cases where additional supports are required, these must be addressed by external parties such as assisted living or other care providers.
  • Meets the criteria to receive external funding from an approver referring agency and/or school district.
  • Must be enrolled into services with Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services and/or school district.

If not currently enrolled with Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services, click here to get started.

For more information on Work Adjustment Training and how to enroll, please contact:

(254) 753-7337