Donation Center Locations

Donating unwanted items creates jobs.

Find a Donation Center near you and help change lives!

Heart of Texas Goodwill provides 15 convenient locations to make donating easy. When you donate to Goodwill, you’re directly impacting our community by creating retail jobs, supporting recycling efforts, providing vocational training, and funding critical skills training programs. Every single donation big or small counts as we work together to remove barriers to employment and build our community.

Please visit the site nearest you to make your donation. Thank you for your generosity.

Standard Donation Centers

Each retail store has a dedicated Donation Center in the back. They’re the perfect site to drop off clothing, household goods, small kitchen appliances, electronics, furniture, and other bulky items.

Just run over the black cord and a Donation Attendant will come outside to unload your car. Feel free to stay inside your car. Don’t forget your coupon before you leave.

Attended Donation Centers

Have you visited one of our convenient ADC’s yet? They provide quick, convenient neighborhood sites for you to drop off clothing, decorations, and small household goods while you’re running around town on the way to work or school.

Simply pull into a parking spot and a Donation Attendant will hop right out to unload your car without you having to lift a finger. Grab a coupon before you leave and you can be on your way in just minutes.

Heart of Texas Goodwill Donation Center Locations