Business to Business Partnership

Building partnerships with local businesses to build better communities

Business to Business (B2B) Partnerships Help
You Stand Out Among the Competition

A Business to Business (B2B) Partnership gives your company the
opportunity to directly impact the community, and the environment,
by simply collecting gently used items and donating them to Goodwill.
Giving items such as furniture, clothing, and other household items to
Goodwill diverts unnecessary waste from our landfills and turns those
goods into a revenue source to fund life changing employment services
for people in the community.

Our donation centers recycle thousands of items every day. Those donated items generate revenue to support over 400 retail jobs as well as a variety of skills training and education programs offered free to the public.

It’s easy to donate with fifteen convenient locations and private pick-up service. You can choose a monthly or quarterly donation cycle, and a Donations Coordinator will help you every step of the way.

B2B Partners