Fast track your job search

The Accelerate program helps individuals fast track their job search to sustainable employment within 3-4 months of enrollment. Each individual in the Accelerate program works with a dedicated Success Coach to develop an Individualized Career and Financial Plan in order to help connect them with the appropriate trainings and resources necessary to accomplish their employment and financial goals. Some of these trainings will cover topics such as job readiness, soft skills, financial literacy, and computer skills. The Success Coach works with individuals every step of the program to provide support and ensure participants are able to secure steady employment and build healthy financial futures.

Benefits of Accelerate

A dedicated Success Coach to help each individual develop the skills they need to be successful during their job search as well as work with them to build their financial self-sufficiency as they enter their employment.

Program Eligibility

  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Must be willing to maintain constant communication with the Success Coach
  • Must be willing to participate in all assigned employability skills trainings and classes
  • Must be willing to participate in financial literacy training

How to Apply

Contact the Accelerate Success Coach or your local Job Connection facility to set up an enrollment appointment:

Melvina Lewis
(254) 262-9868

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