Our Mission

Changing Lives through the Power of Work

Our Goodwill Mission

The Heart of Texas Goodwill’s mission is to facilitate change through skills training and work opportunities.

Our Goodwill Vision

Our vision is all people are living their full potential and capable of contributing to their community.

Our Goodwill Values

  • Integrity: Embrace honesty, ethical behavior, and strong moral principles in all that we do
  • Respect: Foster an inclusive environment that treats all people with professionalism, honor, and dignity
  • Accountability: Take responsibility and ownership for our actions and outcomes
  • Innovation: Drive innovation through continuous learning, collaboration, and commitment to improving programs and processes
  • Service: Provide superior service to our customers, donors, participants, community, and one another
  • Empowerment: Help all people become self-sufficient to realize their full potential, both personally and professionally

People Centered Philosophy

Goodwill is dedicated to providing employee, donor, customer, and participant driven services. Person-centered planning is the heart of Goodwill’s strategic objectives and mission services. Plans of support for people receiving services are developed with the individual in mind, including employees receiving individualize service plans through Goodwill Contract Services and Temporary Services. All plans are based on the expressed needs and desires of the participant or employee in light of their abilities and supports needed to reach any identified goals. Goodwill is also committed to using person-first language in all policies, procedures, and advertising. 

Statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The mission of Goodwill is to improve the quality of life for people who have barriers to employment by providing skills training and work opportunities. However, our responsibility to the communities we serve is much greater. In these times of pain, frustration, and division, we must play a role in bringing communities together in the spirit of the words chosen to represent our company… Goodwill. At the heart of the word, Goodwill is our collective hope that all people can coexist in a society without discrimination, systemic racism, and social injustice. Over the past days and weeks, we have remained silent in the midst of chaos. This is not because we are blind to injustice that is happening around us, but rather, we have used this time to reflect on our own actions and beliefs as individuals and as an organization, to determine how we effectively stand in solidarity and combat prejudice, bigotry, and inequity in our actions.

Systemic racism is a barrier that limits opportunities for many individuals in our communities. We acknowledge that many of our systems are broken: from education to criminal justice to employment opportunities. We recognize and acknowledge how our own organization can help fix broken systems. Our vision is that all people are living their full potential, and our staff and employees work daily to see this vision come to life. As an organization, we are committed to serving all individuals and families with respect, and we are committed to taking actions and behaviors that will make Goodwill a more inclusive place to work, shop, and receive training. A few of these actions include: increased diversity and inclusion efforts, shopping with local minority-owned businesses when possible, providing a safe and supportive workplace environment, assessing our current workforce and evaluating positions that lack diversity, and increasing training efforts.

Heart of Texas Goodwill is committed to empowering individuals, strengthening families, building communities, and becoming an advocate for change. We stand together with our communities to fight inequality and inequity that holds any person back from living life to their full potential.