Retail Positions (Cashier, Customer Service, Production) – Temple/Belton

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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Include the following, other duties may be assigned:

· Greets customers as they enter the store

· Assists customers as needed in finding items and/or answering questions

· Perform all cash register operational duties

· Bags sold merchandise.

· Carries customer purchases to car as needed.

· Counts money in the cash drawer at the beginning and end of shift; there must be 2 initials on the Daily Deposit form and the Bank Deposit form

· Moves stock to proper place in display area; removes out of date items from display area

· Maintains display areas including special displays, new goods fixtures, racks, shelves, bins, and other areas displaying items for sale.

· Monitors dressing rooms and restrooms.

· Watches for theft.

· Answers telephone, answers customers’ questions, responds to requests, directs calls to proper person.

· Cleans areas of the store, including restrooms, as directed by store manager or designate.

· Suggests changes in working conditions to increase efficiency of operations.

· Confirms that all rules and regulations stated in the personnel handbook and the cashier training manual have been read and understood.


· Meet and greet every donor immediately

· Meet every donor with a basket or dandux to properly care for each donation; assists donors by unloading vehicles

· Log each donation on the daily production sheet

· Thank every donor with the quote “thank you for helping to change lives” and offer each donor a sticker that states “I changed a life.”

· Offer a coupon and a receipt to each and every donor

· Carefully bring the donation into the processing area and sort by textiles, computers, or hard goods

· Immediately prices all furniture and takes to the sales floor, room permitting

· Take all hard goods to the wares processing station and textiles to the textile station

· Switch all full gaylords of product at both wares and textile stations, as needed or directed

· Lifts heavy objects by hand, in a team lift, or with a two-wheel dolly

· Maintains clean and safe work area and surroundings

· Secures work area at end of shift


· Receive and process donations in a timely manner

· Sort, process, and price merchandise including donated and new goods as needed

· Visually inspect and separate textile donations by category such as salvage, hanging, household, underclothing, and others as designated by management

· Hangs items on appropriate hanger and places on rack

· Maintain stock in store by removing items from rack, shelves, and display areas as per manager’s request.

· Keep area clear of hazards.

· Keep work area clean to include sweeping, cleaning, and maintaining grounds as assigned

· May cashier on a relief basis as needed

· Suggests changes in working conditions to increase efficiency of department


· Move saleable clothing to hanging area

· Put clothing on coat hangers in proper manner as instructed by the supervisor; May include putting on clips and buttoning garments.

· Place clothing item on pricing rack or rack to be moved to the pricing area

· Putting clothing on the floor for sale

· Watches for theft


· Receive and process items as directed

· Separate items by category as designated by the Dell Reconnect SOP

· Follow and execute the Dell Reconnect SOP

· Palletize items neatly stacked to a height requirement as designated in the Dell Reconnect SOP

· Wrap palletized items with shrink wrap to ensure stability during transport

· Weigh and label all completed gaylords and pallets per the Dell Reconnect SOP

· Utilize provided tracking sheet to record load type and weight as appropriate

· Transfer information from tracking sheet into Dell Reconnect Logistics Portal

· Notify supervisor when at least 35,000 lbs. have been processed, so pick-up can be scheduled

· Keep area clear of hazards and keep work area clean

· Assist other departments as needed

· Suggests changes in working conditions to increase efficiency of department

· Loads and unloads donation and salvage trucks

· Moves materials and items from receiving and production areas to other designated areas using hand trucks, dollies, or other equipment

· Sorts and places materials or items in appropriate production areas or in other designated areas.

· Fills requests for materials, tools, or other items and distributes items to production workers or production stations

· Fulfils all orders as directed; marks materials with identifying information

· Accepts donations and completes donation receipts as needed


Leadership Competency

Hourly / Non-Supervisory Leader


Emotional Maturity and Respect Thinks how their actions make other people feel and acts appropriately.  Tempers personal emotions and escalates sensitive issues to the
appropriate level of management.
Integrity Can be counted on and trusted; models professional ethics by acting
Capacity for Change and Innovation Open to new ideas and ways of doing things; gives ideas collaboratively to improve processes or programs.
Interpersonal Skills Builds relationships and works well with others; listens to understand
and answers appropriately.
Commitment to Development and Empowerment of Self and Others Completes required training and looks to grow on the job through
continuous learning; becomes self-sufficient.


Commitment to Goodwill’s Mission, Vision, and Values Actions are in line with Goodwill’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Works well with people that look and think differently.
Community and Service Wants to help others and make a difference in the community.


Commitment to Excellence and Customer Service Meets goals and gives outstanding customer service to customers,
donors, and participants.
Business Acumen Makes good choices.  Effectively transfers learning from one situation
to another.
Stewardship and Accountability Takes care of company property.  Takes responsibility and ownership of personal actions and outcomes.