Community Loan Center

Affordable Small Dollar Loans

The Community Loan Center of the Heart of Texas is an innovative and attractive employee benefit program.

This program is designed to help employers provide affordable small dollar loans to employees facing financial hardships. The application process is simple and meant to be as barrier free as possible. Participants can receive up to a $1000 loan and does not require a credit check. The Community Loan Center also offers Free Financial Counseling to any participant of the program. Our goal is to promote financial stability in our community.

Program Benefits for Employers:

  • Attractive and innovative employee benefit (at no cost to employer)
  • Increase workplace morale, satisfaction at work and employee retention
  • Reduce costs of employee time spent dealing with financial problems at work ($1540/employee)
  • Reduce costs of administering paycheck advances and loans to employees
  • Reduce costs of employee financial stress-related illnesses and absenteeism
  • Reduce costs of employee stress-caused accidents (average accident costs $29,000)
  • Fully automated loan processing system
  • Loan program is easy to explain and administer
  • Access employer portal anytime

Program Benefits for Employees:

  • Inexpensive loans- $20 fee and 18% interest instead of 500%
  • Longer term- 12 months to repay instead of 2 weeks
  • Low, affordable payments
  • Convenient payroll deduction
  • Simple to apply online-anytime
  • Easy approval- no credit checks
  • Quick 24-hour approval
  • Funds wired directly into employee bank account
  • Loan proceeds can be used to any purpose-including pay off payday loans
  • Apply for a second loan after 50% first loan is repaid
  • Access account anytime

For more information about the Community Loan Center of the Heart of Texas please visit or contact the Heart of Texas Goodwill main office: 254-753-7337.

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