Every day, your donations help people in your community find good jobs. The sales of your donations help fund job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges.


When you shop at Heart of Texas Goodwill, you are supporting job training and placement programs for people in your community with disabilities and other disadvantages.The more than 2,700 Goodwill stores in the United States and Canada are independently owned and operated. Here in the Heart of Texas, we have 14 Goodwill stores across 20 counties.

Change Lives

Goodwill is in the job business! We provide training and employment programs that significantly improve employability! We help you find a job, we help you keep a job!

Retail Locations


2601 Commerce St. (254)-613-4284
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 10am-6pm

2600 South Texas Ave. (979)-823-2083
Mon-Sat 9am- 7pm; Sun 10am-6pm

College Station
2704 Texas Avenue South (979)-764-8297
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 10am-7pm

CoppersĀ Cove
2421 E. US190 (254)-547-8690
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 10pm-6pm

Harker Heights
125 East Kathey St. (254)-699-3344
Mon-Sat 9am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm
Outlet: Mon-Sat 8am-4pm

4004 E. Stan Schlueter (254)-634-4287
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 12pm-6pm

2102 WS Young Dr. (254)-699-1555
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 10pm-6pm

11 North 4th St. (254)-778-4881
Mon-Sat 9am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm
Outlet: Fri 9am-2pm

4108 South 31st St. (254)-773-5656
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 12pm-6pm
Outlet: Wed-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 11am-3pm

1700 S. New Rd. (254)-754-9482
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 11am-6pm

916 E. Waco Dr. (254)-714-1314
Mon-Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 11am-5pm

928 N. Valley Mills Dr. (254)-776-2339
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 11am-6pm

1508 Hewitt Dr. (254)-420-2375
Mon-Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 11am-6pm

2429 LaSalle Dr. (254)-753-4984
Mon-Sat 9-6:30pm; Sun 11-6pm

1000 E. Waco Dr. (254)-732-2944
Mon-Sat 8:30-5:30pm; Sun 10am-5pm